quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2009

Cesarismo Democrático

É a tentação latino-americana da reeleição indefinida do glorioso líder, de acordo com o prof. Juan Gabriel Tokatlian, de Relações Internacionais da Universidad de Di Tella, Argentina:

"In 1919, the first edition of Democratic Caesarism , by the Venezuelan historian and sociologist Laureano Vallenilla Lanz, was published and widely circulated across the continent. Vallenilla claimed to be seeking an effective (as opposed to the formal) constitutional system for his country.

To achieve this end, Vallenilla argued that, at least in the case of Venezuela, a charismatic leader, confirmed in power through regular elections, would be best placed to concentrate political power successfully and guarantee institutional order. Ninety years later, it looks as though, with the rise of a variety of neo- caudillos , Vallenilla’s idea of the “good Caesar” is coming back."

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