terça-feira, 31 de março de 2009

Madrugada dos Mortos: O Nascimento de uma Empresa Zumbi

De acordo com o colunista do NYT David Brooks, o envolvimento político do governo norte-americano com a reestruturação da GM e o auxílio com subsídios irá criar uma empresa zumbi e uma situação difícil para o governo de Mr. Obama:

"The most likely outcome, sad to say, is some semiserious restructuring plan, with or without court involvement, to be followed by long-term government intervention and backdoor subsidies forever. That will amount to the world’s most expensive jobs program. It will preserve the overcapacity in the market, create zombie companies and thus hurt Ford. It will raise the protectionist threat as politicians seek to protect the car companies they now run. It would have been better to keep a distance from G.M. and prepare the region for a structured bankruptcy process. Instead, Obama leapt in. His intentions were good, but getting out with honor will require a ruthless tenacity that is beyond any living politician."

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