quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

Mais Sobre o Debate do Modelo IS-LM

Excelente post de Tyler Cowen:

"I am sad that the IS-LM debate devolved into IS-LM vs. close substitutes, because I meant to raise a broader set of objections to one particular kind of technocratic curve-shifting as the foundation for macroeconomic thought.  Let me list a few alternative starting points for macroeconomics:
1. Public choice economics (still the most underrated, in today’s profession)
2. Growth theory (as distinct from the view that all business cycles are simply fluctuations in the rate of growth)
3. The New Institutional Economics of property rights and incentives
4. Financial asset pricing theory (as distinct from the view that financial markets are always efficient)"

Leia mais aqui.

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