terça-feira, 8 de junho de 2010

Risco de Catástrofe

De vazamentos de óleo em águas profundas a crises financeiras a colisão de asteróides: Por que não fazemos nada a respeito? Richard Posner explica:

"Two final problems illuminate our vulnerability to such risks. First, it is very hard for anyone to be rewarded for preventing a low-probability disaster. Had the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in the early 2000s rather than lowering them, it might have averted the financial collapse in 2008 and the ensuing global economic crisis. But we wouldn't have known that. All that people would have seen was a recession brought on by high interest rates. Officials bear the political costs of preventive measures but do not receive the rewards.

The second problem is that there are so many risks of disaster that they can't all be addressed without bankrupting the world many times over. In fact, they can't even be anticipated."

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