sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

Por Que (Quase) Todos os Políticos São Keynesianos?

Pedro Albuquerque, do Incentives Matter, responde:

"It should not be surprising however that both liberals and conservatives, especially when given political power, love Keynes. Both ideologies nurture deep beliefs in the infallibility of government intervention and the fallibility of markets, beliefs however that are at the core of the failures of Keynesianism. That Keynes didn't know much about modern public choice is understandable. That contemporary conservatives and liberals however willingly choose to ignore it is unacceptable, something that can only be explained by modern public choice science itself: these beliefs are simply the result of the self-serving search for power and control in politics (although it could be argued that there are also deeply rooted religious factors behind this fatal attraction for Keynesian ideas).

Besides all that, Keynesianism has never been really discarded when it comes to policy making, despite all the advances in macroeconomics after Keynes. It makes absolutely no sense therefore to say that we should return to Keynesian economic policies, as if we have ever really abandoned them. Politics and Keynesianism is a marriage made in hell."

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