sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2009

Quem se Beneficia da Crise Financeira?

Aqui no Brasil, marxistas e keynesianos. Uns, profetas apocalípticos; outros convertidos ao socialismo, pois apregoam aumentos permanentes de gastos públicos. Já na Itália, a Máfia:

"It seems that the global recession and the subsequent tight lending conditions are throwing up all sorts of opportunities for ‘alternative’ lending institutions in the wider economy. The radio programme ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ (bbc) (see podcast FOOC) reported on one group benefiting handsomely from the current turmoil – the Italian mafia. The report comes from Naples, a bustling southern Italian city that sits below the famous and picturesque Mt. Vesuvius – infamous for the people in Pompeii. Of late, the southern mafia (camorra) have never had it so good. Due to the credit drought in Europe, the Italian mafia’s lending activities, have earned them an estimated $200 billion profit this last year – 6% of the country’s GDP."

Como alguém já disse antes, crise é a soma de perigo e oportunidade!

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