domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

Economia Austríaca: Um Ótimo Livro de Peter Boettke

Quem recomenda é Tyler Cowen. Aqui vão alguns excertos da resenha feita por Jeffrey Tucker:

"“Economics puts parameters on people’s utopias.” Yes. That’s exactly it. That’s why the politicians hate  economics. That’s why the media are so… selective in which economists they call on to talk about policy. That’s why the economics departments in colleges are put down by the sociologists, philosophers, literature professors and just about everyone else who has romantic longings for a coerced utopia."

"As Boettke puts it, “We do not need to understand economics in order to experience the benefits of freedom of exchange and production. But we may very well need to understand economics in order to sustain and maintain the institutional framework that enables us to realize the benefits that flow from freedom of exchange and production.”"

" “The main thing that makes someone an Austrian is not the willingness to identify one’s work with that label, but the substantive propositions in economics that an economist identifies with.” With this in mind, he shows that Austrian ideas are very more widespread that one might suppose."

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