quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

Conselhos de Ariel Rubinstein Para Alunos de Doutorado

Vale a pena ler o texto inteiro. Minha parte favorita é a seguinte:

How long should my paper be?
If you don't have a good idea, then keep going. Don't stop at less than 60 single-spaced
pages. Nobody will read your paper in any case so at least you have a chance to publish
the paper in QJE or Econometrica.

If you have a really good idea, my advice is to limit yourself to 15 double-spaced
pages. I have not seen any paper in Economics which deserved more than that and yours
is no exception. It is true that papers in Economics are long, but then almost all of then
are deathly boring. Who can read a 50-page Econometica paper and remain sane? So
make your contribution to the world by writing short papers -- focus on new ideas,
shorten proofs to the bare minimum (yes, that is possible!), avoid stupid extensions and
write elegantly!

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Gabrielito disse...

Olá Professor!!!
Bah, muito legal esse post!
Um abração!