sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2009

Petróleo e A Maldição dos Recursos Naturais no Brasil

Aumentos na produção de petróleo no Brasil aumentam bem-estar da população ou apenas aumentam corrupção? Este artigo de Francesco Caselli e Guy Michaels levanta evidências de que mais petróleo é bom mesmo para políticos corruptos. Aí vai o abstract:

We use variation in oil output among Brazilian municipalities to investigate the effects of resource windfalls. We find muted effects of oil through market channels: offshore oil has no effect on municipal non-oil GDP or its composition, while onshore oil has only modest effects on non-oil GDP composition. However, oil abundance causes municipal revenues and reported spending on a range of budgetary items to increase, mainly as a result of royalties paid by Petrobras. Nevertheless, survey-based measures of social transfers, public good provision, infrastructure, and household income increase less (if at all) than one might expect given the increase in reported spending. To explain why oil windfalls contribute little to local living standards, we use data from the Brazilian media and federal police to document that very large oil output increases alleged instances of illegal activities associated with mayors.

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